Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 61


Z begins Zenith, the sky overhead,

Where shines the pale moon, as we lie in our bed.

Also Zaccheus, who climbed up a tree,

That, as he was short, he the Saviour might see.

Zephyr, the breeze, so refreshing and cool,

Zebra, a pretty striped species of mule.

Zechin, a coin that at Venice they use.

King Zedekiah, who reigned o’er the Jews.

Also Zoological Gardens, where Ned

One day went to see the wild animals fed.

Zion, the hill where the Temple, of old,

Stood fair in the sunlight, all marble and gold.

Zenas, a lawyer – disciple of Taul:

Ziba, too, one of the servants of Saul.

Zarephath, where dwelt the widow’s sick son.

Zebedee, father of James and of John.

Zealous, like Alfred, who still strives to excel:

Without Zeal, we scarce can do anything well.


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