Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 59


Yew, a long-lived, and dark shadowy tree,

That often in old country churchyards we see.

Yacht, a small vessel, so nice for a sail;

That skims like a bird, in a favouring gale.

Gay Yellow-hammer, a sweet lively bird.

York, of whose Minster most people have heard.

Yoke, that connects those two oxen, so strong.

The lad in the picture is leading along.

Yeoman, an officer, well known at court,

Yarmouth, a place to which bathers resort.

Yarrow, a weed that we find in the fields.

Yam, a nice root that America yields.

Yawl, a ship’s boat. that we saw on the shore,

The day that papa took us all to the Nore.

“Yes,” the dear word mamma said, as she smiled,

When I asked, with a kiss, if she loved her fond child?

Youth, life’s short morning, that soon will be o’er:

Oh waste not the hours that will come back no more.


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