Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 57


And so, if you please, as the X for TEN stands,

We’ll give you, in rhyme, God’s ten solemn commands:

Worship the Lord God, thy Maker, alone;

And bow not to idols of wood or of stone.

Speak not God’s name without reverence and awe,

Or He will reprove thee for breaking this law.

Remember the Sabbath, of all days the host:

Work six, keep the seventh for worship and rest.

Honour thy parents, if thou wouldst live long.

Thou shalt not kill, with the sword or the tongue.

Avoid thoughts and actions unclean or impure.

Beware that thou steal not, although thou be poor.

Thou no false witness ‘gainst any shalt bear,

Nor covet thy neighbour’s more bountiful share.


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