Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 55


Wind, that blows over the common so strong:

It drives, as you see, the poor children along.

Ah, Walter, my boy, for your cap you must run;

Though William, behind, calls it capital fun.

Windmill, whose great sails but rarely stand still.

Waggon – the team has just come up the hill.

Well, that supplies us with Water to drink.

Willow, that droops by the cool river’s brink.

Wasp, veiy fond of a plum or a peach.

Wreck – a sad sight, lying there on the beach.

Wallflower, that blossoms so fragrant in spring.

Wren – you should see him – the tiniest tiling!

Wall, in our garden, where sweet roses climb.

Watch, like papa has, to tell him the time.

War, that disfigures our fair earth with blood,

Winter, that scatters the leaves in the Wood.

Wisdom, that Solomon asked of the Lord,

Above greatest things that the World could afford.


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