Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 53


Viaduct, too, the arched road, high and strong,

On which our good horses went trotting along.

Village, the cluster of houses we passed:

And so we arrived at the common at last.

Vesture – sometimes made of Velvet – a dress.

Vanity, pride in the things we possess.

Vine, whose ripe grapes we all think such a treat.

Vessel, that holds our spring-water, so sweet.

Violin, Vincent is learning to play, (He finds it not easy, I venture to say).

Volcano, a mountain that bursts into flame:

The picture contains one – Vesuvius, its name.

Violet, too, a most sweet-scented thing,

That often we meet with in woods, in the spring.

Vase, a large pot used for holding our flowers.

Verandah, that shelters from sunshine and showers.

Vagrant, who strays without home in the land.

Volume, a hook, such as this in your hand.


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