Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 51


Also Umbrella, that kept us so dry

When the heavy rain poured from the black angry sky.

Union – how strong, in the picture we see,

Where five men, united, pull down that great tree.

Union-jack, the famed flag of our land.

Usher, the second at school in command.

Unity, what we so love and approve –

Brothers with sisters, all dwelling in love.

Umpire, one picked from the wisest and best,

To settle disputes when two persons contest.

Untaught, like too many we see every day.

Uncommon, the singular, out-of-the-way.

Uzzah, who, heedless of what God had said,

And touching the ark with rash hands, was struck dead.

Underwood – bushes that grow among trees.

Uncle – a fine romp I had on his knees.

Up – a good word in our memory to keep,

When we wake in the morning, refresh’d.from our sleep,


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