Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 49


Ticket – the guard did not ask me for mine.

Telegraph, too, by the side of the line.

Trellis, the cross wood up which the plants grow.

Tulips, full blown, what a beautiful show!

Tea-party, given as Teacher’s kind Treat;

With Table, Tray, Teapot, and Teacups so neat.

Trunk, the great Tree that the woodmen cut down

For Timber to build that great house in the Town.

Turnpike, a Toll-gate across the high road.

Throne, for the monarch: Tusk, Tiger, and Toad.

Thistle, a weed, very prickly and rank.

Thyme, the sweet plant that we found on the bank.

Trumpet, an instrument, loud, and so clear.

Torch, that, to light them at night, the men bear.

Traveller – see how he sits on the stile:

Perhaps he’s been walking for many a mile.

Top – when you ‘re older, I’ll buy one for you.

Tongue – it should speak what is loving and true.


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