Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 47


Squirrel, that acorns and nuts loves to hide,

String, with which Susan’s great bandbox was tied.

Shell – on the beach what a number we found!

Spade, papa uses to dig up the ground.

Swan, that so gracefully floats on the stream.

Sun, that arises with silvery beam.

Strawberry, too, a soft fruit very sweet.

Shoes, papa buys me to wear on my feet,

Sleep, for dear baby; and Shed, for the Sheep,

Sickle, a round knife, with which the men reap.

Spectacles, like grandma wears on her nose.

Snowdrop, the earliest spring flower that blows.

Ship, a large vessel that sails on the Sea.

Slate – mamma says she will buy one for me.

Sunday, the day when in God’s house we bow.

Stool, like Jane sits on, when milking the cow.

Scissors, we cut with: Sieve, Sermon, and Shower.

And Sceptre, well known as the emblem of power.


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