Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 45


Rose, the fair flower with so Sweet a perfume.

Bug, that in winter adorns our nice room.

Rainhow, that glows like an arch in the sky.

Rocks, that rise up in the ocean so high.

Rake, that is used to turn over the hay:

Rick, the tall pile when they store it away.

Robin, that hops to our door, in the snow.

Rook, whose strange cawing we all so well know,

River, where James goes to bathe every morn.

Reaper, the man who cuts down the ripe com.

Rest, when we’re weary, most welcome and sweet,

Ribbon, that trims mamma’s bonnet so neat,

Raspberries – see how they hang in the sun,

Rover, with Robert just out for a Run.

Rush, that the marshes and damp places fills.

Ravine, a deep hollow pass in the hills.

Ruth, the good maiden of whom you will read

Some day in God’s book – a sweet story indeed.


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