Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 41


P begins Primrose, a pretty spring flower.

Parasol, useful in sunshine and shower.

Plum, a nice fruit, very good in a pie.

Pear, such as often at market we buy.

Plough, that in spring o’er the rough field is drawn.

Peacock, a fine bird that struts on the lawn.

Poplar, a tree very slender and tall.

Pie; and Plum-pudding, that pleases us all.

Pen, that we write with; and Postman, who calls,

With letters and packets, at hovels and halls.

Also Policeman, with bull’s-eye so bright,

Who goes round to see all is safe in the night.

Pail, that Jane carries about when she cleans.

Palm-tree, so common in all Eastern scenes.

Padlock, with which Papa fastens the gate.

Pole, a long tree-stem, so tall and so straight.

Pelican, Parrot – birds very well known.

Pickaxe; and Pillar, a column of stone.


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