Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 39


Here, give the lad this, and let dear baby see;

How ho stares at the figures in Wonder and glee!

O begins Orange, a fruit you well know.

Oak, the strong tree on which acorns do grow.

Ostrich, a bird whose fine feathers we prize.

Onions, that Jane of the greengrocer buys.

Owl, a strange bird, that at night loves to hoot.

Opossum, an animal; Olive, a fruit.

Omnibus – how I should like a long ride,

If dear Uncle George could but sit by my side!

Oyster, whose shells are collected by boys,

And made into grottoes with shouting and noise.

Order, – arrangement; by method and rule.

Oscar, the boy that we met with at school.

Oats, that the Ostler gives Jack every day.

Otter, that loves in the water to play.

Obelisk, too, a tall pillar of stone,

Inscribed with the deeds that our great men have done.


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