Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 37


At Nine, he leaves one at each customer’s door;

And by Noon he will sell all he carries, and more.

Nuts, such as Willie, our Nephew so good,

Brought in a bag from the neighbouring wood.

Nest, that we spied in the coppice to-day;

(We never take one of the birds’ eggs away).

Nettle, a weed that is found everywhere;

And badly it stings, if you do not take care.

Nurse, who so gently soothes baby to sleep.

Night, when the stars from the firmament peep.

Needy, like Jones’s poor children, so sad;

I gave them to-day all the halfpence I had,

Newcastle, famed for the coal that we use;

Also Northampton, for strong boots and shoes.

Noah, whom God in the great ark shut in,

Before He would drown the bad world for its sin,

Good Nehemiah, whose heart was so pained,

To see how his country the Sabbath profaned.


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