Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 35


Mountain, that towers up aloft in the sky:

‘Twould take us a long time to clamber so high.

Mist, that, in autumn, rolls up the hill-side.

Mouse, that so loves in the pantry to hide,

Melon, a large fruit, with rough, barky rind.

Mushroom, that oft in the Morning we find.

Moon, that, at evening, so calm and so bright,

On all things around sheds her pale silver light.

Music – we all like to play and to sing.

May-bloom, that covers the hedge in the spring.

Mower, who stands in the Meadow, so blythe,

And cuts down the grass with his well-sharpen’d scythe.

Milkmaid, who sits there, with round rosy cheek:

The cow standing by her, so patient and meek.

Monkey – a mischievous creature is he,

Milk-can, that holds the nice Milk, for our tea.

Macaw, much admired for his gay-coloured wings:

And Magpie, who loves to hoard glittering things.


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