Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 33


Lightning, that darts from the black angry sky.

Ladder, that helps us to reach very high.

Lemon, a yellow fruit, juicy and sour.

Lily, a lovely and sweet-scented flower.

Lupins, so blue, in the garden that grow.

Larkspur: and Lilac, – a beautiful show.

Leopard: and Lion, well known for his roar.

Loaf, that the baker’s man brings to the door.

Lane, where in summer the roses we find.

Lamp, that we use when for reading inclined.

Lavender, prized for its perfume so sweet

Lantern, that lights, in the darkness, our feet,

Lie, that no good child would ever dare tell.

Lock, that secures our great street-door so well.

Leaves, that in autumn the garden bestrew.

Love, the fond feeling I have, dear, for you.

Letter: and Ladle, a large iron spoon.

Lamb: also Lime tree, that blossoms in June.


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