Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 31


Kittens, that frisk by their old mother’s side,

Who watches their gambols with fondness and pride.

Kangaroo: Kit, too, a vessel of wood.

Kitchen, where Ann cooks our dinner, so good.

Kettle, at tea-time that sings on the fire.

Keys, that to open our locks we require.

Kiln, where the labourers are burning the lime:

I’ve strolled down among them there, many a time.

Kite, that so swift pounces down on its prey.

Kingfisher, too, with its plumage so gay.

Knit, as mamma does, when evening comes on,

Knife, such as dear uncle brought us tor John.

Knee – without this we could scarce walk about.

Kindness – we all know what that is, no doubt.

Kate, our dear auntie, who asked us to tea:

She gave such a Kiss to my brother and me.

King, a great monarch, so mighty and grand.

Kent, a fine county, the pride of our land.


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