Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 29


Jaguar, a tiger, that haunts wooded rocks.

Jackal, an animal much like a fox.

Jet, – how it sparkles against the tall trees!

Junk, a strange vessel, used by the Chinese.

Jug, that, each morning, Jane fills at the spring.

Justice – in all men an excellent thing.

Jewel, a precious and glittering stone,

Jam – very nice, as most children will own.

Jay, the harsh singer, most country lads know.

Jars – in the pantry they stand in a row.

Jonquil, a flower that in spring loves to bloom.

Jasmine, that breathes all around its perfume.

June and July – summer months in our year.

Juggler; and Jetty, a small wooden pier.

Jacob, and Jonah, and Jesse, and James –

You’ll learn, by-and-bye, about these Bible names.

And, greater than all, by each Christian adored,

JESUS, the name of our Saviour and Lord.


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