Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 27


Ibex, a creature with horns like a goat.

Inkstand – John writes such a beautiful note!

Ivy, that covers, as though with a screen,

Papa’s garden-wall with its leafage so green.

Island, a place circled round by the sea.

Image-boy – few look so cheerful as he.

Ibis, a bird, that in Egypt, I’ve read,

Was worshipped while living, and honoured when dead

Ice – very wintry and dark is the sky,

But the skaters across it seem almost to fly.

Iceberg, so tall, in the cold Arctic seas.

Icicles – see how they hang from the trees

India, a country far distant from ours.

Iris, too, one of our gay garden flowers.

Invalid, out in his wheel-chair, when fine: –

How thankful I should be if health is but mine

Ivory, hard – tlie great elephant’s teeth,

Idler he’ll never wear honour’s bright wreath.


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