Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 25


Hovel, where nightly they shelter and sleep.

Hive, the bees’ Home, where their Honey they keep.

H begins Henry, with Hand on his Hoop:

Young Herbert’s Hat, too, who by him does stoop.

Hay, that the Haymakers pile in a cart.

Humble – a lowly and teachable Heart,

Hook, often used to hang anything on,

Horse – when I’m bigger, I’ll ride behind John.

Horn – on the river it sounds very sweet.

Hamper, a basket for things nice to eat.

Hoe, by whose Help we root weeds up with ease,

Hatchet, so useful in cutting down trees.

Hyacinths wild, that in shady woods grow;

Hollyhocks, too, what a beautiful show!

Harrow, for breaking the clods – a spiked frame.

Helen, my favourite playfellow’s name.

House – why ’tis dear grandpapa’s, I declare;

He’s opened the Hothouse, to give his plants air.


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