Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 23


Greyhound, a dog very nimble and slim;

The fastest of runners would never catch him.

Goat, that can clamber up lulls steep and high.

Gooseberries – Grandma shall make you a pie.

Grasshopper, too, that sings loud in the Grass.

Grapes, uncle grows in his Greenhouse of Glass.

Gig – how the horse there does gallop along!

Also Guitar, very sweet with a song.

Gleaner, the Girl there, who stands at the Gate.

Guard, that surrounds the large nursery Grate.

GOD. the great Maker and Father of all.

Globe, like a map on a very large ball.

Gardener – see he is hoeing the Ground,

Or else in the Garden rank weeds would abound.

Gnat, that at eve dances under the tree.

Goose, that so white on the common we see.

Gold, a bright metal of yellowish hue.

Gentle and Good – can we say this of you?


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