Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 21


How pleased she appears, with her armful of Flower

So Fragrant and Fresh, after yesterday’s showers,

F begins Football – what capital Fun! –

Again it flics up, and how fast the lads run!

Ford, where in shallowest water they wade.

Fern, like green Feathers, adorning the glade.

Fir, a dark tree that towers up in the sky.

Fox, a strange animal, cunning and sly.

Fawn, a young deer, very gentle and meek.

Friday, the last day but one in the week.

Feather, like what baby, wears in his hat:

The dear little fellow – so Fair and so Fat,

France, a fine country, and nearest our own:

May we be rivals in goodness alone.

Fender, a guard that protects from the Fire.

Food, – the good things that our bodies require.

Famine a dearth, a great scarceness of bread:

Oh let us he thankful if we are well fed.


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