Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 19


Also a large one, just boiled in a cup:

I dare say our Edward would soon eat it up.

Ewe, how she fondles the lamb at her side!

Eagle, that soars to the clouds in his pride.

Elder, with ripe purple berries bedecked.

Earthquake – see how the poor houses are wreck

Easel, where, sketching, the young artist sat:

I wish I could draw such an Engine as that,

Elm. a tall tree, that spreads out in the sky.

Earth, that we live on: Example, and Eye.

Elk. a wild animal, horned like a stag.

Empire, a kingdom; and Ensign, a flag.

East, where, each morning; we see the sun rise.

Elephant, too, of so monstrous a size.

Ellen, our cousin, so dear to us all:

Some Evening perhaps we will give her a call,

Envy, vexation at others’ success:

How well it would he if we thought of self less!


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