Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 17


D begins Dove, too, – a fond, gentle bird,

Of whose loving nature we often have heard.

Damson, a fruit very nice in a pie;

And Deer – in the park there how graceful they lie!

The Dahlia, one of our handsomest flowers;

And Daisy, that dear little favourite of ours.

D begins Dog, but I hope he won’t tease

Those pretty young Ducks sailing under the trees.

Drover, who, with his stick under his arm,

Drives back, every evening, the herd to the farm.

D begins Door, where Jane hangs up her shawl.

Darkness – when night overshadows us all.

Dunce, a bad child who refuses to learn.

Dinner, so nice when from walk we return.

Dumpling and Duchess, Day, Dreamer, and Dirt.

Daniel, who stayed with the lions unhurt.

David, who grew, from a boy at the fold,

A great king, and wrote us those fine Psalms of old.


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