Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 15


Chair, where he sits, with its Cushion so soft.

C begins Cowslip, that grows in the Croft,

Also Carnation – how sweet its perfume! –

And Crocus, that in the cold spring loves to bloom.

Church, where we all love on Sunday to go.

Castle, that towers o’er the country below.

Cherry, a nice fruit, so shining and sweet.

Corn, that, when ground, forms the bread that we eat.

Coal, – for the winter an excellent thing.

Cuckoo, a strange bird that sings in the spring.

Cock, that each morning awakes us from sleep.

Cascade, where the waters rush down with a leap.

Cat, our own pussy, that so loves to play.

And all mamma’s Cotton unrolled yesterday.

Cow, that afar in the meadow we see,

And gives us nice milk for our breakfast and tea.

Christmas, a season that soon will be here,

And join friends again that are pleasant and dear.


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