Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 13


B begins Boy, in a studious mood,

While others blow Bubbles, or stray in the wood,

Also Balloon, that soars up in the sky:

I should not much like to be mounting so high,

Bramble, on which, when the autumn comes round,

The Blackberry cluster is sine to be found.

B begins Butterfly, coloured so gay;

Also the Bee, out at work all the day.

B begins Boat, lying there in the sun;

Also the Beach, a nice spot for a run.

Bellows, that helps us to kindle the fire,

Brush, that to keep our hair smooth we require.

Bell, that bright, pretty and tinkling thing,

That, when little Susan is wanted, we ring.

Bandbox – we all know what that is, no doubt;

And Basket – a thing we could scarce do without.

Bag, that dear Robert to school with him takes;

And Broom, for the litter the fading rose makes.


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