Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 11


A begins Arch, under which, in the rain,

We sheltered awhile till the sun shone again.

A begins Apple, so juicy and sweet,

That, when ripe in Autumn, we all like to eat,

A begins Acorn,—the oak’s seed, you know:

How strange that from it such a great tree should grow

Anchor, made strong, the deep sea-bed to grip;

That stops in a moment the mightiest ship.

A begins Angel, that dwells far above.

Also dear Aunt, whom we all of us love,

Young cousins, Ada, and Alice, and Ann:

Albert;—and Arthur, who’ll soon be a man.

Pious king Alfred,—a good King indeed!

Abel, of whom in the Bible we read:

Abraham, Aaron, and many a name,

That stands in that record for praise or for blame.

But, till you are able to search for them there,

Ask dearest mamma to explain who they were.


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