Laugh and Learn ABC Book, Page 7



WHY, bless me!” said a Kangaroo, out walking with his wife;

“I never saw so queer a bird before in all my life!”

It was a Kiwi-kiwi (or Apteryx if you will);

It hasn’t got a wing at all, but – mercy!—what a bill!


I’LL teach you,” said the Lion “not to call an officer ‘Cop!’

Such insolence from loafers, I declare, has got to stop!

What will become of Order, and what I will become of Law,

If I am not regarded with the right amount of awe?”


No creature more ungrateful than this Mouse, I’m sure, could be!

When from the trap the Monkey and the Magpie

He bit the Monkey, till with paii

nearly double,— Now, was not that a

nice return for helping him in trouble ?


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