Laugh and Learn ABC Book, Page 3



THIS Duckling is his loving parents’ treasure and their pride;

He has a Bow-wow Nursie, that takes him out to ride;

And the darling, in his carriage, looks so pretty and so sweet,

He’s gushed o’er by all lady Ducks the road they meet.


AN Elephant went fishing, once, but though he fished with zeal,

He didn’t catch a single thing, except a slippery Eel.

It tried to squirm away from him, – ” No use, dear boy!” he cried;

“I can not bear to part with you; I dearly love Eels – fried!”


A FROG that met a Fox, one morning, walking on the shore ;

Cried, ” Foxy, why, I never knew you cared for Fish, before!”

“Well, Froggy, Geese are scarce just now,” the Fox said, with a grin,

“And if I don’t eat something, I’m afraid I’ll get too thin.”


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