Laugh and Learn ABC Book, Page 2



An Ape and Ass, who took a walk in company, one day

Were startled by an Adder, that rose hissing in their way:

“Of course, of such a creature,” cried the Ape, “I have no fear;

But it makes me somewhat nervous, and I’d rather not go near.”


“A THING they call by your name, I observe the ladies wear,

Around their necks in this way,” to the Boa said the Bear.

“Now, if you’ll let me wear you,” he continued, with a smile,

I’ll take it as a favor, for I love to be in style.”


“IT is not grief that makes me weep,” a crocodile replied,

To a Camel, who, with kindly words to ease his sorrow tried.

“We Crocodiles are famous for our tears, my friend, you know,

So, just for practice, every day, I let a gallon flow.”


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