Laugh and Learn ABC Book, Page 15



NOT many are the ” creatures that with X their names begin:

To find one we must search amongst the tribes that wear the fin.

The Xiphias has a long, sharp nose, quite like a sword, you see:

I think I’d hardly wish to have him point it thus at me.


THE Yamma and the Yak rehearsing for the stage

For Amateur Theatricals they both have caught the rage;

They like the plays that treat of love, and think that they can render

The parts of two fond lovers, in a style most sweet and tender


THE Zebra is the animal that’s last upon the list;

He’s pictured, to amuse En-to-mol-o-gist.

This big word.: is the name, you know, bestowed on one who tries

To find out all about such things bugs and butterflies.


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