Laugh and Learn ABC Book, Page 14




ARE you well, sir?” asked the Tortoise, as politely as he could.

“My health,” replied the Turkey, ” would, I have no doubt, be good,

If ’twere not that Thanksgiving Day so shortly will be here:

We Turkeys can’t feel gay, you know, with that dread time so near!”


THE Vampire and the Vulture had, one day, a little spat;

The Vampire shouted “Baldy!” at the Vulture, – think of that

You dubious, mongrel the Vulture in reply, ” I scorn you ;

for you’re but a beast, though like a bird you fly !


A WOLF there was who had, -along with other curious whims,

A most surprising mania fior singing psalms and hymns.

To many smaller animals he gave instruction free,—

A very worthy fellow, (for a Wolf), indeed, was he


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