Laugh and Learn ABC Book, Page 11



THANK Fortune! ” said the Quagga, ” I, at last, have hit a bird.

My luck has been just dreadful,— really dreadful, ‘pon my word !

I fired off every cartridge, and twas miss, and miss, and miss!

My bag would go home empty, if I had not potted this.”


“This surely’s not a proper way”,

the Rhinocerous said, “to greet An unoffending party that you happen, sir, to meet!

You need a little, toning down; you’re plainly quite too gay:’

And, oh, that Ram he did tone down ; and served him right,

I say!


A STORK was one day painting, as he thought, with great success;

But a Squirrel dared the contrary opinion to express.

At climbing trees and such things,” said the Stork, “you may be smart;

“But you simply show your ignorance when you try to talk of Art!’


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