Laugh and Learn ABC Book, Page 10



ALTHOUGH the Newts as dancers have no grace or skill at all,

They strangely took a notion that they ought to have a ball.

Of course they all imagined that they made a splendid show;

But if they were not funny, then I would not tell you so!


‘THAT the Owl is full of wisdom, we so frequently have heard,

We are likely to suppose that it’s an always solemn bird ;

But you see it’s not unwilling to unbend,

And lay aside its dignity, to frolic with a friend.


WHAT the Porcupine and Pelican are up to, I can’t say;

But we safely may assume, I think, it’s only friendly play.

If the Porcupine should spread his quills while in the other’s pouch,

not at all unlikely would be a cry of ” Ouch!”


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