Grandpapa Easy's New scripture historical alphabet, Page 4


object in the whole group of buildings. The name by which it is known is “ The White Tower,” although its colour is now far enough from white, being a dirty dark grey.
One corner of this building is said to have been built by Julius Caesar; but it is more likely to have been erected in the time of William the Conqueror. Within, there is the famous Horse Armoury, containing a very fine collection of armour belonging to different ages from the time of Edward I. Here is also the room in which Sir Walter Raleigh was imprisoned, and the block and axe with which he was beheaded. Underneath are the dungeons in which the Martyrs were confined in Queen Mary’s reign.
A little way from the White Tower, is “The Jewel Office,” where the crown and sceptre, and other jewels belonging to the Sovereign, are kept; and close by this is the spot where the modern armoury once stood, containing a vast number of muskets and swords, that was burned down a few years ago, as represented in the picture.


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