Grandpapa Easy's New scripture historical alphabet, Page 2


What is called “ The Tower of London” covers a large extent of ground, and is surrounded by an old ditch or moat, which is now dry and converted into a sort of garden. As you enter, you go over this moat by a bridge and enter a strong grim-looking gate-way, and on the right is “ the traitors’ gate” as it is called, a gate which opens to the river Thames, through which, in ancient times, traitors used to be brought who were to be imprisoned in the Tower. On the left is another gate-way, defended by a portcullis, through which you pass. Just over this gate-way is a room in which the poor young King Edward the Fifth and his brother the Duke of York were murdered by the command of their wicked uncle, who was afterwards King Richard the Third. When you have passed the gate-way, on the left is a flat space of ground, on which state criminals used to be beheaded; and on the right is the most interesting part of the tower. It is the large square building, with four round towers at the corners, which is the principal


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