Grandpapa Easy's New scripture historical alphabet, Page 16


I shall never forget my feelings at the first sight of London. I came from Hull in a steam-boat; and when we had got up the Thames as far as Gravesend, I thought I had never seen so many ships together before, for there happened to be a large number there at that time, which could not get out of the river, owing to a contrary wind. But as we advanced towards London Bridge, and came opposite the Custom House, I saw more masts and rigging than I had thought before that the world contained. However, when I afterwards saw the docks, I found that even the view from the Custom House shewed me but a very small portion of the whole.
We landed at the Tower Steps; and as I had often seen pictures of the famous Tower of London, I knew the building in a moment. I made up my mind to see it as soon as I could.


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