Grandpapa Easy's New scripture historical alphabet, Page 14


Here you may see lions and tigers from the hottest parts of the world, and Polar bears and seals from the coldest; the large elephant, the tall giraffe, the slender antelope, the bounding kangaroo, and the crawling sloth; monkeys of a hundred kinds, the handsome impatient zebra, and the quiet camel. The variety of birds is not less : you may see them of all sizes, from the giant ostrich to the little wren; of all colours, of all dispositions; of all notes, from the nightingale to the peacock. And what makes the visit to these places so pleasant is, that all the creatures seem to be healthy, well fed and happy.
In the Surrey Gardens, there are frequently concerts and brilliant displays of fire-works. The fire-works are so managed that they look at times as if they came from the mouth of a vast volcano; and at other times as if they were thrown up from an illuminated city. These effects are produced by some models and paintings, which are very cleverly made and arranged so as to look like real objects.


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