Grandpapa Easy's New scripture historical alphabet, Page 12


years ago, and the present building stands upon the some spot.
Inside the Exchange, is a large statue of Queen Victoria; and in front of it, is a statue of the Duke of Wellington on horseback.

Of all that I saw in London, there was nothing that pleased me better than the Zoological Gardens. One of them, and by far the largest, is in the Regent’s Park; and the other is on the opposite side of the river Thames, and is called “The Surrey Zoological Gardens.”
In these beautiful places, animals of various kinds, from all parts of the world, are kept, and have every care taken of them, so as to make their abodes as much like their native places as possible. The houses in which those live who need to be kept under shelter arc very tastefully built; and there are shrubs, and trees, and water, wherever they can add to the comfort of the animals, or the beauty of the spot.


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