Grandpapa Easy's New scripture historical alphabet, Page 10


can have’ convenient places to otter their goods for sale; and as they contain a great variety of pretty and useful things, all brought together within a very small compass, they are very well worth visiting. The largest of the Bazaars is in Soho Square, and is called the Soho Bazaar; but one of the most attractive is the Pantheon, in Oxford Street. The Lowther Bazaar is in the Strand, opposite the Lowther Arcade.

The Exchange is a place where merchants meet to transact their business. It is a large and richly adorned stone building, finished only a year or two ago. Prince Albert laid the first stone, and this ceremony was performed under a fine tent or pavilion, erected for the occasion, as is represented in the picture.
The old Royal Exchange was built by Sir Thomas Gresham, in the days of Queen Elizabeth. It was destroyed by fire a few


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