Goop Tales, Page 98


This very good-looking young man is Mr. Jimmie Bimm, who is to be the best man when Mr. Jack is married to Ethel. Mr. Jack is introducing him to Ethel’s mother. Jimmie Bimm would enjoy his call better if it wasn’t for Rudella. She has been acting so rudely that he scarcely knows what to say. Rudella pranced across right in front of him while he was saying to Ethel’s mother, “I thought you were Miss Ethel’s sister!” Then Rudella crowded in between him and Mr. Jack, and said, “here! get out of my way!” After that she shot arrows at Jimmie Bimm’s back till he grew quite nervous. Piejam is under the desk, eating a banana; he is hiding so he won’t have to stop and be introduced to Jimmie Bimm. Zelphina is wondering whether Mr. Jack has brought any candy for her, and if not, she hopes they will go away, so she can play in the room. When Rudella asked Jimmie Bimm if he were going to stay to dinner, and told him not to sit in her chair, and scolded him for stepping on her arrows, Ethel could stand it no longer and said: “Rudella, I don’t know what Mr. Bimm will think of you! You are as rude as a rhinoceros! Are you a Goop?”


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