Goop Tales, Page 96


The Goop Family are having supper, and Matthew, the Minister’s son, has come in with Ethel to see them. Lazileva is late, of course. She put off washing her face and hands till the supper-bell rang. Inkfinga came in a hurry, but he didn’t remember to wash at all! Mary the maid is bringing in a potato pie. Matthew the Minister’s son is staring at Quirita, because he never saw anybody eat so queerly in his life. She is eating a whole cream-cake at one bite, and you will soon see the cream all over her face where it has squirted out. I hate to think of it. Nelly the nurse has already had to take away Quirita’s mug, for she put her fingers in it, and when it was emptied, she threw her head back and tried to balance the mug on her face. Quirita gobbled and gugged. She made shocking noises, and all the time she was not eating she played with her knife or fork or spoon or the salt or her napkin ring, instead of keeping her hands in her lap the way Ethel does. She blew and bubbled into the water when she drank out of her glass, she squeaked her knife on her plate, and she reached out and took the strawberries from the dish with her fingers! Matthew is saying, “I suppose. Miss Ethel, Quirita should be considered as essentially medieval in her manners.” What he means is, that Quirita is a Goop. Are you a Goop?


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