Goop Tales, Page 94


Ethel and Mr. Jack, in the row boat, and Cousin Billy and Miss Curleycue in the canoe, are going up river to get Uncle Henry and Miss Stilcum, who are at the club house. When they come back, they are all going to have a picnic under the trees beside the river. Verislow is sailing his boat with Fijetta. They have both taken off their shoes and stockings and put them on a rock. Verislow is so afraid that his boat will be run down that he is shouting to Mr. Jack to look out for it. Fijetta is shouting, too. Poutine came up the river with Ethel and Mr. Jack in the row boat, and when they got here, Ethel made Poutine get out and wait on the bank for them, for there would not be room for her in the boat, when Uncle Harry and Miss Stilcum got in. Poutine is very cross at being left behind. She got out slowly and sulkily, and made an awful face. She said, “I should think you might take me up the river. It’s mean!” Ethel and Mr. Jack are laughing at Poutine, for she is pouting and scowling, as she always does when she can’t have her own way.“I want to go!” Poutine said. “I don’t want to stay here at all!” Ethel only smiled at her and said, “remember the picnic we are going to have when we come back! Goops will not be allowed at our picnic; Are you a Goop?”


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