Goop Tales, Page 92


This is May-day, and these children are twining a May-pole, dancing round and round and in and out, till all the ribbons are twisted on the pole. Cousin Billy got up the party; he chose the children and taught them how to do it. Now, Olwaynoy wanted to be one of them very much, but Cousin Billy wouldn’t have her because she teased and annoyed the others so much. She got very angry because she couldn’t dance, and while they were twining the pole with the ribbons, she ran away from her mother, and did her best to spoil the dance. She pinched them as they went by, and she tripped them up; she pushed them and she snatched at what they were carrying. She took their hats and threw them over the fence. Finally, she threw a piece of dirt at Yuwanda. Then Cousin Billy stopped the dance and had Olwaynoy taken home and sent to bed, and so she missed the Punch-and-Judy show, and the lemonade and ice-cream and cake. Olwaynoy is about the worst of all the Goops. She always does a thing once more, after you tell her to stop! She certainly is a Goop! Are you a Goop?


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