Goop Tales, Page 90


Cousin Billy called Nibolene an “enthusiastic two-handed eater.” She was always eating something, usually a doughnut. She ate so much between meals that she seldom had any appetite at the table. In the picture below the dressmaker is making Ethel’s clothes for the wedding. She has been telling fairy stories to Zeemsneaze and Xcitabelle. Minnie the maid is bringing her a pot of tea. Nibolene has just come in and has told about a lovely cake with white frosting that she found in the pantry. “Did you nibble any of it?” the dressmaker asked. Nibolene had to confess that she did. “I thought so,” said the dressmaker, “and you have bitten your own nose off, that’s what you have done! To-morrow is your birthday and your mother was going to give you a surprise party. The cake was for a birthday cake, and it was going to have five candles on it, for you will be five years old to-morrow. But now, of course, you will have no party because you have no cake. It seems to me you are fond of Goop food. “You should never eat anything between meals without asking your mother’s consent. I knew a little girl once who was so greedy that she ate a whole cake. It was an April Fool cake, filled with sawdust; but she was so greedy she never noticed it. She was a Goop. Are you a Goop?”


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