Goop Tales, Page 88


These Goops were invited to a party at Xcitabelle’s house one afternoon, and Messalina was so much in a hurry to go that she asked to be dressed first. So she was dressed first, and her mother put some fresh flowers in her hat. The day before, Messalina had been out in the rain and the color had washed out of the flowers and stained her face so red and green that everybody called her a Goop. When Messalina was dressed, she took the old flowers and went out in the garden to plant them. She dug a hole in the dirt with her wooden spoon and stuck the flowers into it, and made such a mess that soon her face and her hands and her frock were very dirty. So, when Ethel and Mr. Jack came out with Korlaway and Yellkum to go to the party, they found Messalina had to be washed and dressed all over again! Mr. Jack went on with Korlaway and Yellkum, while Ethel took Messalina back into the house. Messalina had soiled her white slippers so badly that she had to wear her old black ones to the party; and she got there too late to get any ice-cream. And she cried. “It’s your own fault,” Ethel said to her, “for if you hadn’t made such a mess after you were dressed, you would have been on time. Are you a Goop?”


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