Goop Tales, Page 86


Lazileva was the kind of Goop who would leave her tricycle out on the sidewalk when she came in, because she was in too much of a hurry to put it away in the cellar; and by the time she went to look for it, it would be gone. This picture shows how Lazileva had all the furniture of her doll’s house broken. After luncheon she decided to clean house. So she took all the chairs and tables out of the bed-room and the dining-room and the parlor of her house, and put them on the floor. Then she got a little whisk-broom from behind the bath-room door, and began to sweep the carpets of her little house. While she was washing the windows, Elostum came in and asked her to go out and play squat-tag with him and Gablia. So she went out and left her things all lying about on the floor. While they were playing they saw the Minister coming to call. Mother called out the window for them to ask him into the sitting-room. You see what happened! He did not see Lazileva’s furniture on the floor, and he is walking right over them with his heavy boots! When Mother came down she found Lazileva crying, and she said to her, “what kind of a child are you, to leave your things all scattered about so? Are you a Goop?”


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