Goop Tales, Page 84


Korlaway has been put to bed, and Cousin Billy and Father and Mother and Miss Curleykew are playing a quiet game of whist. They were all settled, and Mother had just found ten trumps in her hand, when they heard the first goop-call. “Ma-ma! I want a drink of water!” So Mother had to leave the game and go upstairs. She had just come down and had begun playing again, when Korlaway called, “Ma-ma! Come up and pull the clothes over me!” After that had been done, she called out, “Ma-ma ! Come and tell me a story!” The next time it was “Ma-ma! When are you coming to bed?” Father was just telling how well he played the last hand, when Korlaway was heard again: “Ma-ma! Come kiss me!” And Mother is saying, “no, I don’t want to kiss Goops to-night!= Are you a Goop?”


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