Goop Tales, Page 82


Jotantrum is having one of her tantrums — right out on the street, too! It happened this way. Her mother came out and got into the carriage to go calling. Jotantrum wanted to go with her. “No,” said Mother, “not to-day.” Then Jotantrum stamped her foot on the ground so hard that she fell over and lay on her back kicking and screaming with all her might. “I want to go! I want to go!” she cried. Just then Verislow and Haychu came by and said, “come along with us! We are going to sail boats in the pond.” “I won’t go! I want to go to ride with my mother,” the little Goop screamed. Verislow and Haychu were so horrified to see her act this way that they walked off and left her. This made Jotantrum angrier still. Then a little dog came up and began to bark at her. Jotantrum got up then and hit the dog with her fan, and the little dog snapped at her so that she was frightened and ran in the house. When Nelly the nurse saw Jotantrum’s dress all covered with dust she said, “now you must be washed, and put on a clean frock.” Then the little Goop had another tantrum. She screamed and kicked so hard that you could hear her for nearly a block away. Charles the coachman is saying to Frank the footman, “Frank, this off horse has only three legs! He must be a Goop horse! Are you a Goop?”


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