Goop Tales, Page 80


As it is nearly time for Ethel and Mr. Jack to be married, they are making out a list of the wedding invitations. Krysoe is listening and saying nothing. Teeza is making a ball out of string. But Intrupta is giving a great deal of trouble by asking needless questions and interrupting Ethel and Mr. Jack while they are talking. This is the way she annoys them: Ethel: Now there’s Professor Inchworm; I wonder if we ought — Intrupta: Eth-el, where is my jump-rope? Ethel: There it is on the floor right in front of you. I suppose we really ought to invite him. Mr. Jack: I don’t know, if we only didn’t have so many relatives — Intrupta: Can I go to school to-morrow without my jacket on ? Ethel: Do run away and play, please. Of course, if we have Cousin Billy at the ceremony, we must have Miss Curleykew. Do you know — Intrupta: Gablia’s going to school without a jacket. Can’t I? Mr. Jack: Yes, I have been wondering if it weren’t time for it to be announced. If Harry would only come to the point — Intrupta: Eth-el! do you know where Fibius is? Ethel: It would be a good chance for a double wedding, wouldn’t it ? Now what are we going to do with Grandfather? Somebody will have — Intrupta: Eth-el! can I have a party to-morrow? Ethel: — to take him to the church. No, dear, wait until your birthday. Why won’t you let us talk! Are you a Goop?


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