Goop Tales, Page 78


This is a golf tournament, and Ethel is driving from the third hole. Miss Stilcum of Washington has just driven off, and Uncle Harry is over the other side of the hill, telling Ethel which way to drive. Mr. Jack is just coming up, but you can’t see him yet. They all went out to the links in an electric car together, taking Haychu and Obaynotte with them. These two little Goops quarrelled all the way out. Haychu wanted the end seat, and when Ethel told her she must sit inside, she said to Obaynotte, “you are mean not to give me the end seat when we got in! You are a nelephant, and I hate you!” They found Hatesope out at the links, and as he wanted to be Ethel’s caddy, she is letting him carry her clubs. Obaynotte is teaching Haychu to play golf, but she won’t listen; she wants to try herself, before she knows how. She is calling Obaynotte all sorts of horrid names because he won’t let her take his clubs. Then, at last, when she tried to use the clubs Obaynotte laughed at her, and she lost her temper. “You are an old niblick, that’s what you are, and I hate you! ” she said. When Obaynotte told her he would show her how, she said, “go away! I hate you!” When Cousin Billy came round to where they were, he heard Haychu saying to Obaynotte, “I ’ll slap your face for you, you horrid thing, I hate you!” He felt very badly to think that she would talk so, and he said, “if you knew how ugly you looked when you spoke so angrily, you would never do it again. You look as ugly as a Goop. Are you a Goop?”


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