Goop Tales, Page 76


Cousin Billy is reading “The Life of the Bee“ to Miss Curleykew, in a shady corner of the orchard. He is sitting in a queer chair that he made himself. Miss Curleykew is almost asleep. Askalotte, Poutine and Inkfinga have been out picking berries, and have just come home. Poutine has a quart of blueberries in her pail. Inkfinga is pouring out the milk that was left in his bottle into the dirt, and he will soon go into the house with muddy hands. Gablia is telling Cousin Billy all about her walk, talking as fast as she can, although he doesn’t want to listen to it now, as he is interested in his book. Gablia is a Goop, however, and keeps right on talking so that he can’t read. She is saying: “We had an awful good time and we picked a quart of blueberries and we ate them half up and we drank the milk and I saw two cows and I was n’t afraid at all, but Poutine was and Inkfinga threw a stick at them and they ran away and then we went in wading in the brook and Carolesse came along and dropped her doll — ” “Never mind, now,” Cousin Billy is saying, “I want to read!” “But we had to fish the doll out of the brook,” Gablia went on. “It’s very interesting,” Cousin Billy said, “but if you’ll talk it into my phonograph I’ll listen to it later. I’m busy, now. Are you going to run away and leave us alone, or Are you a Goop?”


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